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I want to thank you for your thoughtful contribution to the show.  I appreciate your time, talent, enthusiasm, and great tips on ways to empower others to take charge and be their best. Vivian Hernandez Ortiz, Senior Producer, Verizon FiOS1  Push Pause It was a pleasure sitting in on your presentation the other night.  Your presentation style is great.  You really engaged the audience.  Your tips were very helpful and I've already shared them with a few people. Randi Busse, Workforce Development Group, Inc. I think all of us walked away with an arsenal of information and clever techniques. In fact, many of the participants went out of their way to say how much they enjoyed the presentation. As always you shared your energy and passion, offering your formula for developing a healthier lifestyle. You are a true motivator!” Theresa Leuffen, Director, Town of Brookhaven Division of Women’s Services Your presentation geared toward our members who are facing the challenges of diabetes, pre-diabetes and other co- morbid conditions was very well received by our members. The discussion that you provided on the behavioral components of a nutritional program was very apropos and complimented the information presented on diabetes nutrition quite well. Often times, I find that people with diabetes hear similar information repeated in quite similar ways. Your approach was refreshing and welcomed.” Loriann Lomnicki Gross MS, APRN, BC Assistant Director, Education & Research North Shore LIJ Southside Hospital On behalf of the Suffolk County Library Association Support Staff Division, I want to thank you for your excellent and engaging presentation, Wellness in the Workplace is Contagious. This topic fit in perfectly at the Long Island Library Conference and was very well received by the program’s attendees. Your interaction with the audience enhanced the program’s message by using real life experiences of the audience to illustrate how your tips and information could be utilized in the workplace-One change at a time! Thank you again for a very successful program!” Teresa Hatred, President, SCLA Support Staff Division “I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your presentation at our SCRC meeting today. I know I speak for the was definitely of interest and provided value to everyone there. You are a great presenter and it was a pleasure having you join us today! Let's stay in touch!” Joani M., Co-President, SCRC “I have shared copies of your handout, but cannot do justice to all you said, the wonderful way you present yourself and your important material. Please plan a return visit to us soon.” Rev. Patricia Ann Duffield, NST Pastor “Attendees at the program Margaret presented enthusiastically welcomed her useful advice. She is an animated speaker and involved the whole audience in the program.” Kathleen Scheibel, Library Director Why Weight Coaching program: “For the first time in my “dieting world”, I am at peace with the diet which is really a way [weigh] of life. Since working with Margaret Marshall, I am not stressed with this.”                                                      Eileen C., Port Jeff "This program has given me more motivation and focus than any other popular weight loss program. With the personal attention I have finally begun to lose weight. This program has helped me develop the skills I need to achieve a successful and healthy weight loss."                                                                     Mary Ellen, Nesconset “Thank you Margaret for your knowledge, support and the challenge you provided for me. You have made a much healthier eater out of me. I am not eating Tums as I used to, and my indigestion seems to be at ease. Knowing you are a phone call away is comforting.” Kathie, Holbrook  “Margaret says, When your eating is in control, everything else seems to be in control. This couldn’t be truer for me. Eating wisely affects my attitude, mood, and outlook. Years of poor eating habits left me depressed, sad, and unmotivated.  My commitment to healthy eating clears my mind, lifts my spirits, keeps me focused, and puts me in control.” Diana, NY, NY Margaret is an excellent motivator/educator and shares her expert knowledge on the fundamentals of a balanced eating routine.” Erica, Ronkonkoma Margaret’s, “Why Weight” program has helped me tremendously! I am now free from calorie counting or counting points. I eat healthier food in the proper portions because that’s how I feel good. I am in control, and there is no quilt.  Carol, Baldwin
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