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Video Shorts Speaker Sheet Events Most people understand that they are  in control of what and how they eat.  Unfortunately, there can be a daily  disconnect regarding one’s body, mind,  and mouth, very often lasting for years.  In this guide, author Margaret Marshall  uses insights and lessons from her clients’  lives, along with her own experiences,  to address the challenges we often face  controlling our weight. She asks you to  consider  the unpleasant and sometimes  life-threatening circumstances we accept  in our lives  instead of taking responsibility  for our well-being.  Among the real stories she shares in  Body,  Mind, and Mouth  is the story of a New  York City police officer who no longer  fi  ts into his bulletproof vest. He closes it  tightly on his right side leaving a gap on  his left side, knowing to face right if he is  ever in a shoot-out. Also included is the  story of a working mother and her son,  who became increasingly heavier due  to her busy life and the ease of obtaining  fast food. These and other stories illustrate  how our minds affect our mouths, how  our mouths affect our bodies, and how  a shift in thought can bene fi  t our health  and wellness. “Margaret Marshall uses humor and real  stories to demonstrate her vast knowledge  of nutrition and psychology in the weight- loss  fi  eld. She brings to the book the same  enthusiasm and knowledge she does in  her speaking. Her message is clear, well  written, and motivating. Imagine a book  that is easy to read and packed with good  information. Now that’s a real deal.” —Dr. Harris R. Cohen, author of Lessons Learned: How to Negotiate the Life You Want to Live U.S. $XX.XX HEALTH-FITNESS-DIET Is fat one of your words? Is fat your body image, self-image, or self-worth? I think people have different de fi  nitions of the word fat.  Personally, I cringe when I hear anybody describe themselves as fat.  I have a hard time saying it. When I am interviewed on television or  radio, I ask the interviewer not to use the word “fat.”  Fat is the F word to me. It’s always used in a derogatory way. Once  you believe yourself to be fat, it becomes your body image and/or  your self-image. You embrace it and own it as a word that de fi  nes  you. As long as you believe this, you will continue to see yourself as  fat regardless of your weight. “Margaret Marshall has developed an innovative way  of reaching out to people and teaching them how to  get and keep in shape. She shows you the simplicity  of implementing these thoughts and techniques into  your lifestyle, as well as how to make these habits last  throughout the stages of your life. … Her outlook is both  practical and hopeful, which is a great combination  for her reader.” —Karol Ward, LCSW, host of  The Body Mind Wellness Show and author of  Worried Sick MARGARET MARSHALL  is a nationally  recognized speaker, the president of  Margaret Marshall Assoc., Inc., and the  founder of the Why Weight coaching  method. She is seen on television, heard  on radio, and featured in newspapers  and magazines. She has helped nearly  10,000 individuals live a thin life. She  currently lives in New York. BODY,  MIND,  AND  MOUTH MARGARET MARSHALL ’
Available Now My new book Body, Mind and Mouth, Life’s Eating Connection is available now. To purchase your copy click on one of the following links:
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Body, Mind, Mouth Lifes Eating Connection M o s t   p e o p l e   u n d e r s t a n d   t h a t   t h e y   a r e i n   c o n t r o l   o f   w h a t   a n d   h o w   t h e y   e a t .  U n f o r t u n a t e l y ,   t h e r e   c a n   b e   a   d a i l y   d i s c o n n e c t   r e g a r d i n g   o n e s   b o d y ,   m i n d ,   a n d   m o u t h ,   v e r y   o f t e n   l a s t i n g   f o r   y e a r s . I n   t h i s   g u i d e ,   a u t h o r   M a r g a r e t   M a r s h a l l u s e s   i n s i g h t s   a n d   l e s s o n s   f r o m   h e r   c l i e n t s  l i v e s ,   a l o n g   w i t h   h e r   o w n   e x p e r i e n c e s ,to  address   the  challenges  we  often   face controlling  our   weight.  She  asks  you  to   consider    the  unpleasant   and  sometimes  l i f e - t h r e a t e n i n g   c i r c u m s t a n c e s   w e   a c c e p t in  our  lives   i n s t e a d   o f   t a k i n g   r e s p o n s i b i l i t y f o r   o u r   w e l l - b e i n g .        
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